The home of the Great Migration
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Tanzania is a top tourist destination in Africa that highlights globally-known parks and stirring wildlife phenomena. The country is in East Africa where The Great Wildebeest migration occurs. About 38% of Tanzania’s land is conservation areas, which homes countless animals and plant species. This magical part of the continent possesses numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well. Six of them are on the mainland, and one is in Zanzibar. One of the sites is the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, and a staple destination for millions of climbers, hikers, and adventurers. Another top attraction in Tanzania is the Serengeti National Park where thousands of tourists follow the great migration of animals. Ngorongoro conservation area, Selous Game Reserve, and Stone Town join the list of UNESCO Wolrd Heritage sites in Tanzania, each with unique charm and characteristics that lure numerous visitors from different parts of the planet every year. June to October is the best time to head to Tanzania for wildlife viewing due to a dry climate and preferable weather. The Great Migration happens between June to July, while the calving season lasts from January to February. Tanzania offers unending attractions and adventures. Tons of top African attractions are here which you can easily explore even if you have a limited amount of time.

When To Go




PEAK SEASON : June - September
LOW SEASON : April - May

MT. KILIMANJARO: All year round

ZANZIBAR: All year round


10 Days Tanzania Luxury Sky Safari

This safari is ideal for families seeking for an ultimately relaxing holiday as well as for couples on a honeymoon who want to experience all of Tanzania’s top safaris, stay close to nature, and be spoiled by the luxurious amenities and ambianc...

10 Days Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari

Serengeti Wildebeests Migration is a display of natural wonders with over two million wildebeests, zebras, and antelope traveling over 450 miles across the plain to ensure their survival, unaware that there's danger presented by the stalking lion...

3 Days Classic Serengeti Safari

Tanzania is a safari paradise with stunning scenery, abundant wildlife and diverse cultures. This tour will take you to Ngorongoro Crater where you can enjoy its blue-green vistas and unparalleled concentration of wildlife; Serengeti, a UNESCO world ...

4 Days Zanzibar Kendwa Beach Holidays and Stone Town Tour

Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean, just 25 km off the coast of mainland Tanzania. It is famed for its historical Stone Town and stunning beaches. We will take you to interesting tours to the House of Wonders, Palace Museums, Mosques and Arab...

5 Days Tanzania Mid-range Safari

This amazing safari made affordable through cheaper camping options will take you to unparalleled concentration of wildlife including the Serengeti national park, the most famous park in Tanzania and where you can witness the famed Great Wildebeest M...

6 Days Tanzania Expedition Safari

A classic safari Tanzania for everyone that can be experienced all-year-round. You will visit top safari parks and see wildlife up close from Lions, to Elephants, and Rhinos among others. If you come between July to October, you can also witness the ...

6 Days The Best of Tanzania Safari

This safari is offered year round and features the most famous parks in Tanzania. From December to April you can enjoy the calving season, wherein the wildebeest complete their annual migration and head back to the rich grass plans of the southern Se...

7 Day Tanzania Wilderness Safari

This amazing safari will take you to the top safari destinations in Tanzania to witness the high concentration of wildlife including lions, cheetahs, and at certain times of the year, the world-renowned “Great Wildebeest Migration”. Inclu...

8 Days Best Northern Tanzania Safari

This safari takes you through the highlights of renowned parks of northern Tanzania. The tour starts at Tarangire, famous for its dense wildlife population then to Ngorongoro crater, which supports a year round resident population of mammals. A visit...


Ruaha River Lodge

Situated in the stunning Great Ruaha River, the Ruaha River Lodge is a place of temporary dwelling for people who crave for tranquility and proximity

Vuma Hill Tented Camp

Vuma Hill Tented Camp in the southwest of Mikumi National Park is your oasis amidst a chaotic mind. It’s where you want to be to recharge, refresh,

Langi Langi Beach Hotel

Langi Langi Beach Hotel in the north of Zanzibar features an outdoor pool and a restaurant. The rooms come with a balcony or a verandah and a bathroom

Sal Salinero Hotel

Moshi Sal Salinero Hotel is one of the multiple Salinero branches across the continent. This hotel in Tanzania offers a relaxing, homey atmosphere but

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel tops one of the most prestigious places to stay in Arusha. The lodging has a combination of modern, elegant and traditional African d

Arusha Serena Hotel

Arusha Serena Hotel, Resort and Spa in Nkoanrua offers a relaxing vibe, charming rooms, and modern facilities for guests. Surrounded by nature, you ca


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10 Reasons Why You Should See The Great Migration Safari in Tanzania
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