Mombasa, Kenya
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Mombasa is a beautiful part of Kenya, which offers both the wonders of nature and the culture of a city. You have lots of places to discover in this part of the world, where tons of activities await you. October is a great time to head to Mombasa, which bears hot climate with a little amount of rain. Explore the historical parts of the town such as the Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A collection of pottery and ceramics, as well as ancient architectures, can be found in the area, which is also near to a few famous buildings such as Omani. The weather in October is suitable for a beach trip. So make sure to check Mombasa's tropical paradise. Mombasa Beach and Diana Island are just a few of the places you should see. These beaches are stunning with white sands and clear seas. If you want to escape from the bustle of a city, visiting the Shimba Hills National Reserve is highly suggested.  You can encounter tons of bird and animals as well as exotic plants in this destination, which can surely take your stress away.

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